Hey there and welcome to Guttermind, the new language learning and cultural awareness program from Smut Slam International. We bring you the stories about sex, sexuality, and relationships that the language textbooks leave out!

Each story module includes an audio recording of a real-life, first-person sex story, told by a native speaker of the target language. We then go on to a quick video presentation, in English and the target language, about interesting words, phrases, and concepts included in the story.

Finally there’s a short interview, conducted in the target language, between the host and an expert, someone with academic, professional or lived expertise in one or more of the themes relating to the story. 

Stories and interviews may use extensive colloquialisms and do move at a conversational pace —which means a level of C1 and above—but we provide downloadable transcripts, in both English and the target language, so you should be able to follow along if you are studying at a level of B2 or above.

We’re starting Guttermind with German, since Smut Slam founder Cameryn Moore is now based in Berlin and is learning German. But we are looking forward to adding more languages from around the Smut Slam network, including Spanish, Dutch, and even Icelandic. In any language, you can learn a lot from a Smut Slam story!


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