COVID-19 UPDATE (Nov 11, 2022): All in-person Smut Slam events worldwide were suspended in March 2020, to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Currently different chapters may be offering in-person options, with public health measures depending on regional conditions. Follow Smut Slam International on Facebook for news about our array of events to enjoy, whatever your level of physical distancing!


 Look for a Smut Slam in your backyard– or plan a world tour to hit them all! (We can dream.)



Amsterdam (March 26) –  Tickets available here!

Leipzig (March 28) – Tickets available here!

Boston (April 4) – Tickets at the door!

Copenhagen (April 11) – Tickets available here!

Winnipeg (April 12) – Tickets available here!

Berlin (April 17) – Tickets available here!

Dresden (April 24) – Tickets available here!

Leipzig (April 25) – Tickets coming soon

Cardiff (April 28) – Tickets available here!


REGULAR SLAMS (schedules shown are subject to change)

Berlin: third Monday of the month

Boston: first Tuesday of the month

Cardiff: (relaunching in April 2023)

Copenhagen: (mostly monthly, variable days through spring 2023)

Dresden: (next scheduled for 24 April 2023)

Edinburgh: on hiatus

Glasgow: on hiatus

Heidelberg: (returning fall 2023)

Helsinki: (on hiatus)

Leipzig: (fourth Tuesday of the month)

London: bi-monthly

Mannheim: twice a year

Melbourne: quarterly

Munich: (on hiatus)

New York City: (on hiatus)

Ottawa: (on hiatus)

Tallinn: (quarterly)

Tel Aviv: (on hiatus)

Vancouver BC: trimester-ly (? three times a year-ish)

Victoria, BC: trimester-ly (? three times a year-ish)

Washington DC: (on hiatus)

Winnipeg: monthly





New Orleans





All Slam events include the Fuckbucket (anonymously submitted questions and confessions), which is proudly sponsored by NJOY toys.

Smut Slam is proud to be a part of an international movement of sexy storytelling events!