Smut Slam Directory

Look for a Smut Slam in your backyard– or plan a world tour to hit them all! (We can dream.)



Barcelona: April 28 (details TBA)



Berlin: third Monday of the month

Boston: first Tuesday of the month

Cardiff: bi-monthly (next on Tues, April 7)

Copenhagen: last Thursday of the month

Edinburgh: bi-monthly (next on Tues, March 10)

Glasgow: bi-monthly (next on Thur, March 12)

Helsinki: quarterly (May 2020 date TBA)

Leipzig: monthly (almost always the Wednesday after Berlin)

London: bi-monthly (next on Weds, April 8)

Melbourne: quarterly, next date TBA

Munich: first Sunday of the month

New York City: first Wednesday of the month

Ottawa: winter break (next on Fri, March 20)

Tallinn: quarterly (next on Sat, March 28)

Tampere, Finland: quarterly (May 2020 date TBA)

Victoria, BC: bi-monthly (next on Thur, April 23)

Washington DC: third Thursday of the month

Winnipegwinter break, 2020 dates TBA

SLAMS forthcoming

Chicago (launching spring 2020)

Montréal (2020 date TBA)

Santiago, Chile (2020 date TBA)

Poland (city and fall 2020 date TBA)


All Slam events include the Fuckbucket (anonymously submitted questions and confessions), which is proudly sponsored by NJOY toys.

Smut Slam is proud to be a part of an international movement of sexy storytelling events!