Image of a brick wall with a glory hole in it, with a feminine mouth framed by the hole, with the pierced tongue licking the corner of the lips. The text says, "Anonymous Sex: the IG backers"

Thanks to our Indiegogo dancers!

These amazing folks contributed to our Indiegogo campaign to make our very first book, Anonymous Sex Vol. I,  possible. As promised, we’re listing them with their new official sex god titles for posterity!

  • Toni Goldberg, Wicked Wanton of the West
  • Anna MacMurdo, Liberator, Libertine, Sexual Revolutionary
  • Rebecca Popek Spiller, Muse of Untamed Woodland Trysts
  • Susan Bruno, HBIC of Morale-Based Consensual Beatings
  • Peggy Smith-Rowland, Bewitching Seductress of the Wild
  • Avid Antonelli, Subversively Erotic Trickster
  • Sarah Hoffert, Dashing Pirate of Booty Calls and Treasured Chests
  • Kayla Hinrichs, Embodied Lust of Gomez AND Morticia
  • Marissa Oliver, The Bedroom Eye that Slays with One Wink
  • Jacob Gerstein, Barbaric Yawp of the Body Electric
  • Elizabeth Stadtmiller, Cosmic Force of Thundering Bliss
  • Rich, the Mysteriously Seductive Stranger Haunting Many a Fantasy
  • Julie Grogan-Brown, Pyromancer at Passion’s Hearth
  • Carol Johnson, Adventurous Sexplorer of the Secret Realms
  • Heather Diehl, Our Lady of Decadent Indulgence
  • Gabi Antaya, Sovereign of the Seven Pleasures
  • Christine Smith, Platonic Ideal of Bunny Fuckery
  • Jonathan Leggo, the Jedi Master of Orgasmic Surge